Football What is your favorite football team?


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Picking a favorite football team is a no brainer for me. I'm a die-hard football fan and that starts, at least for me, with the Dallas Cowboys. Ever since I can remember watching football I've been a fan of the Cowboys, like most of the rest of my family. Now, I've jumped on a few band wagons in my time, but I always fall back to the Boys.

What's your favorite football team?
Green Bay Packers.. without a doubt. Saw my first NFL game on tv in 97.. SB 31, NE vs GB.. never seen it before, saw Chris Slade and Willie McGinest enter for the Pats.. I thought " wow, huge dudes I ll root for them".. then out came Gilbert "Gravedigger" Brown and Reggie White.. my jaw dropped.. when they played.. I was amazed.. been a Packer fan ever since..

I also root (a lot) for the Colts because of Peyton Manning and hopefully Andrew Luck. And I root for Beanie Wells, Dez Bryant, Mario Williams, Eli etc to do well when theyre on tv :D
So you picked your favorite team based on the size of their players? :LOL: That is actually an extremely unique method, but also very cool story!
Detroit Lions! I was born, and still live in Michigan, so I bleed the honolulu Lions blue. I was glad to see us get to the playoffs this year for the first time since 1999 (a lot of pain and agony through those years). I was actually at the game vs the Chargers where we clinched the playoff birth! Insane atmosphere.
Living about an hour away from Detroit, I should be a Lions fan. But, my earliest memory of watching football is seeing Lawrence Taylor destroy every QB that he faced. Watching LT play instantly turned me into a New York Giants fan, and I have supported Big Blue Nation ever since.

Miami..... I'm a die hard fan of all of Miami's professional and college sports teams!!!!!
Those who know me on other forums.... Know that the love I have for my local sports teams is pure. :p
Y'all going to get Peyton?

I have the feeling that if he ever plays again that he will be in a Redskins uniform. I am not really looking forward to this, but it would be interesting to see how the division would play out with 4 elite QB's.
Got two both have been lifelong fandoms so I am a RamSkins fan. (Rams + Redskins) although I'm more of a RedRams fan since my homie team is the Redskins and I like them a bit more.
cincinnati bengals - who dey! but i grew up a houston oiler fan. im from houston. but when adams had to move them away i got so upset. went to the last oiler game boy was that fun lol. after they left i just picked up watching cincinnati. hope to see great things this year!
I grew up a Baltimore Colts fan (it is my birthplace) but that ended the morning the Mayflower trucks rolled out of Owings Mills. :thumbdn:

I tried following the Oilers and Ravens for a bit but my heart wasn't in it. Then they announced the Texans were forming. I was one of the first season ticket holders and I've been to every home game they've played.