Football what is the print run for 2004 Topps Rookie Premiere Autographs?

also, remember there are special "player issued" versions that do not include the authentic hologram that were given to the players to trade at the Rookie Premiere, estimated 30-50 of these were given to each player from player accounts of the Rookie Premiere... I was including this in the 50-100 total... but unfortunately, due to the printing process of these cards... they are VERY easy to counterfeit... (were actually printed and made at the Rookie Premiere which makes them the FIRST card a player signed in their NFL uni)... so be aware when buying on or off line... the counterfeits are unbelievablely well made, sometimes only being able to differentiate from the original by high magnification or auto on card... even the holo on back does not gurantee it is not a counterfeit as the holo is easy to remove from all topps autos... I would suggest buying ONLY graded copies of these cards for that reason, unless seller has a good return plan.