UFC Rematch Night


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So tonight there are 2 highly anticipated rematches in the UFC, and I hope to be able to watch them both!

Weidman vs Silva

I really think Weidman only won last time because Silva was too cocky coming in to, and during, the fight. I look for him to take Weidman a little more serious tonight and wind up victorious, regaining his belt.

Rousey vs Tate

As much as I'd like to see Tate take this one I just don't see it happening. It's so hard to get an arm bar in UFC and the fact that Rousey has ended all of her fights with one just shows how great of a fighter she is. If Tate can keep Rousey off her arms, I'd say she wins handily but if she can't we're liable to see another arm breaker last last time. Ouch!!

Any of you guys planning on watching tonight's UFC?
Wow! What a night! That Rousey/Tate fight was very good, for the first few rounds anyways. I thought Rousey was winning the whole time anyways, but cool that she was able to finish it with another arm bar. Congrats to Tate, though, for being the first person to push Rousey past the first round. It's just too bad she couldn't become the first person to beat her. :(

As for the Weidman/Silva fight, all I can say is WTF!! I've only seen a leg snap like that twice counting Silva's and, man, that is just nasty! I can't even imagine how bad that must hurt. I think Weidman was winning the fight to that point anyways, but it would have been a lot better to see the fight play out some other way. We may never see Anderson Silva fight again.

Can't wait to see the Belfort/Weidman fight now. :D

I have a feeling me and @Cool_Hand_Flash will be rooting for opposite sides of that battle for the first time in a while. :p
I didn't get to see it live, but I did get to see the replay of Silvas kick, one of the worst breaks I have seen
I didn't get to see it live, but I did get to see the replay of Silvas kick, one of the worst breaks I have seen

It was awful! Like I said, only the 2nd time I'd seen that happen in UFC. Actually, I think the commentators said that was only the 2nd time it had happened. Wasn't that a similar break to that kid in NCAA basketball last year? I guess I've seen that break 3 times, total, then. That's just unfortunate, especially for Silva who will likely never fight again. Heck, it's going to be a while before he's even walking on his own again.
Forza Vitor!!!! :D

Now that thats out of the way..

Rousey vs Tate was so amazing.. I mean unbelievably amazing technically. Easily fight of the year for me. And easily one of the best executed fights Ive ever seen (and Ive followed MMA since '99)

Silva vs Weidman.. first off, gee @Mike !, thanks a lot! (Mike was so unlucky as to reveal the leg break part before it happened lol). Weidman looked the better man in round one, but not dominant. And Ive seen way too many of those. Nicholas Pettas in K1 comes to mind, and theyre never a pretty sight.

The basketball one was more of a Joe Theisman bone-poking-out kinda deal though. Regardless, its way more unexpected in basketball than ufc. Even though weve seen Bogut, Livingston etc in recent years.

The question really is, if Silva ends his career like this. I'm not a fan of his, but that would be a shame.

And great, now I can only think of breaking bones.. thanks again Mike! Lol