Udonis Haslem PC Thread.


Recently, I've been buying duplicates of cards I forgot I had. Combine that with the fact there's very little BKB on TCZ I figured I'd start a PC thread on it. One, to catalog what I already have and two to showcase it.

A few facts about Udonis Haslem:
- 3x NBA Finals Champion
- 2x State Title Games in High School
- 4x Tournament Appearances in College at UF
- All time Miami Heat Rebounder
- Undrafted Out of College
- Born and Raised in Miami.

Wiki Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udonis_Haslem

Every modern BKB player collection should start with a Topps Chrome RC.

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I've seen some of this already, so I know this thread is about to get nasty. Can't wait to see more! Thanks for sharing, @Jeremy!
Thanks, Mike. My UD collection was extremely sick at one time. Ive moved a few pieces of the years and taken a few hiatuses and now only have the 2nd best Haslem collection in the world. :(

I was going to drip feed these into the thread but its been so long since I posted I decided to post them all at one time.

Chrome RC
Chrome RC Refractor
Chrome RC Black Refractor
Chrome RC X-Fractor
Chrome RC Gold Refractor