TCZ's PC Club Group #1 - December '13


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TCZ Personal Collection Club (PC Club)

Here goes the last one of these for 2013. Last month we helped @Jeremy add a card to his PC that he's been after for a long time. I still won't disclose what it is, though. We'll let him do that when he gets it.

How Does It Work?

Each member of the group will pitch in $10 (either gift or the member pays the fees) once a month. We will then have a random drawing and one member will be chosen to be able to add $97-100 worth of cards to their own PC. I will then work with that member to determine some cards to buy on their behalf to send to them.


  • You must specify your "PC" upon joining. If you win, the cards you pick MUST match up with the PC you mentioned when you joined. If you want to change your PC, you must move to the bottom of our waiting list (if there is one at that time).
  • The winner must pick cards from eBay, CheckOutMyCards, or from another TCZ member.
  • The total spent should be between $97-100 (including shipping). I will pay shipping to you once I receive the cards.
  • The winner must pick at least 1 card that costs $60, or more. It's suggested that you spend the entire amount on 1 card, but that's not a requirement.
  • The winner can't have the money sent directly to them. Cards must be chosen to purchase on their behalf.

Additional Information

Keep in mind that the odds are that you will probably not be the winner. You only have a 10% chance at winning. That said, we are looking for some very dedicated members who will stick with this thing month after month whether they win or lose. This is more about us helping other members get some amazing additions to their collection than it is about us bettering our own collection.

Also, once we get 10 members added to the waiting list, we'll start a new group. We'll continue to add as many groups as necessary to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to be in one. However, as of now, members will not be allowed to be in multiple groups.


  • Mike - Dallas Cowboys / HOF Game-Used and Autos
  • Cool_Hand_Flash - Peyton Manning / Andrew Luck / Indianapolis Colts / Ultimate Collection
  • franklinguy52 - Cincinnati Reds / Dallas Cowboys
  • pwolantern - New York Giants / Detroit Tigers / Former U of M players / Mario Manningham
  • captkirk42 - Washington Senators / Washington Nationals / Baltimore Orioles / HOFers
  • Batman1641 - San Diego Chargers / Detroit Lions / Tony Gwynn
  • MWS - Future and Current HOFer Autos / Denver Broncos Autos
  • scottyb13 - Arizona Diamondbacks / Seattle Seahawks / Seattle Mariners / Phoenix Suns / Steve Nash / WSU Cougars
  • Jeremy - Udonis Haslem /Alonzo Mourning / Miami Heat / 1990's BKB / BKB refractor/insert lots
  • rigo tovar - Chicago Cubs / Houston Rockets / Dallas Cowboys / Ryne Sandberg / Mark Grace

Waiting List

MichJohn - Tigers / David Wright / Chipper Jones
Amandashubby2010 - Cam Newton / Carolina Panthers and HOF QBs
5toosweet - Jeff Bagwell / Vladimir Guerrero / Detroit Tigers
James DeBusk - Andrew Luck / David Wilson
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