Two Packs,Two Autos


Bench Warmer
I picked up two packs of Legends and a pack of Select.Got a couple Rookies out of the Select,but nothin great.I opened the first pack of Legends and hit a William Perry Red ink auto.Checked ebay and there is only one red ink up,and none have ended.So i opened the second pack and hit a Jack Youngblood Red ink auto.Woohoooo :dance: two SP autos.I seen two Youngblood red's up on ebay and one that has ended.Not a bad day at the shop for me.Plus i got a Paul Williams auto in the mail.It's been a good day.:D


From trade on another site.
Thanks man,I actually never pick my own packs.Always have either my wife or the shop owner pick em for me.Shop owner picked these ones.