Tuberville is off the trading block...


Bench Warmer
... at least for one more year.

He agreed to the two-year extension tonight, which also gives more security to his assistant coaches.

If we have a good season next year, and more importantly if we beat 'Bama, expect to hear his name floated around once again.


Bench Warmer
Now that he's done bickering about contracts he can go and recruit like a real coach;)

The Auburn Obsessives are crowing about how Saban has used several of his in-home visits already... and therefore, in January/February other coaches (namely Tubs) will be like the fox in the chicken coup. Says there are already 2 Bama commits wavering (possible Barron).
I don't really buy it. $aban'$ commits rarely flip.

You sceered??


Bench Warmer
I ain't either skeered or skeert! The only guy right now that I am worried about is Melvin Ray...he's from Tallahassee, and as a rule of Alabama recruiting the last few years, we must get an early commitment from a guy near FSU's campus, but lose him when FSU offers late in the process:doh:

I would be shocked if Barron decommited, and quite frankly, would be surprised if any of our guys did at this point. They all seem very solid.

And as for the in-home visits, I like our chances with Saban and staff, regardless of who visits who and when:dance: