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I have been collecting. off and on, for the last 35 years. Many times I have lost my entire collection, whether it be water damage in the basement or divorce, that is just the way that it goes sometimes. The new era of collecting has brought about many new and exciting aspects but the vintage cards will always be my favorite because of the mamories that are attached to them. So, I have decided to start posting some of the vintage that have been fortunate enough to pick up. None of it will set the world afire, like a 52 Mantle, but they are all special to me.

I will start with a football and a baseball card:
1978 Roger Staubach

Roger played for the true America's Team of the 70s, after he served out his required enlistment period, including a tour in Vietnam. His clean cut look and miltary background turn him into a true golden boy of his era. He played in the NFL 11 years, including 4 Super Bowls (2 of which he won). He was a 6 time Pro Bowler.

1973 Nolan Ryan

"The Ryan Express" was quite possibly the greatest pitcher to ever toe the rubber of major league baseball, even though he never won a Cy Young award. He was a victim of playing for some very bad teams in his career, but most of the time he was absolutely unhittable. He piled up 5714 strikeouts to go along with his 7 no-hitters.
Today's entry (like am going to post daily...:ROFLMAO:)

1975 Topps Willie McCovey

When I was akid this was one of my favorite sets to collect, I love to goofy color schemes that they used. Willie was nicknamed "Big Mac" and was a pure slugger, he finished his career with 521 HRs, and that is when that was a major accomplishment! In 1959 he captured the Rookie of the Year award while only playing in 59 games, but he had a 22-game hit streak in those 59 games. He spent the majority of his career with San Francisco, even though this shows him as a Padre, and is the namesake for "McCovey Cove" outside the right field wall of Candlestick Park. He was inducted in the MLB Hall of Fame in 1986.
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This could end up being really cool, I look forward to seeing it grow :)
This is why I did not even put that this would be a daily posting (I know better!) but here is another installment:

On August 4, 1985 my family was vacation in Anahiem, CA. My dad decided that he would take us to a California Angel game on that evening and I got the pleasure of getting to see one the greatest hitters in the history of baseball, ROD CAREW pick up his 3000th career hit by singling against his former team the Twins. That memory has stuck with me every since and I am always on the look out for his cards. Here is two of the nicer cards that I have:
1975 Topps

1968 Topps (2nd Year)