Trading/Selling this SICK Tom Brady EXQIUISITE Patch!


Bench Warmer
Looking for something that catches my eyes for this BEAUTY!

Here's a couple of scans, from different angles, the patch doesn't show up as nice when scanned compared to a pic taken from my digital cam.




I need ATLEAST $100 sv for this card.

There are no recent completed listings for one like mine, but i found this Favre:

2006 BRETT FAVRE EXQUISITE FB MAXIMUM 3 COLOR PATCH /30 - (eBay item 190171224059 end time Nov-11-07 14:46:00 PST)

Sold for $88 and the "patch" is from a printed on jersey, so i need ATLEAST $100 sv for my Brady

I like RC Auto's in Football & Hockey as well as some HOFers

lmk I can sell or trade!