Trading: Decent Auto vs Sick Patch


TP9 | VC15
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I was offered a trade recently that really made me dig deep to determine what I should do. I usually don't like trading autographs for relics, but this one really had me second guessing myself. It made me think, I wonder if other people have this same mindset.

So here's the deal. I had a nice auto of a player who I really like, and who has GREAT potential in his sport. I mean, he's one of the best. If something unfortunate doesn't happen, he's a major HOF candidate. The card I wanted was a sick (I mean, awesome) patch of a HOFer. Now, the autograph was fairly high numbered (/300) While the patch wasn't super low numbered (/25), the patch on it was just nasty. For the sake of the thread, I won't show it, but just know that it was freakin' sick!

My question is, what do most of you think about trading autographs for patch cards? What would you have done in this instance? Do you keep the autograph and smile knowing you have an auto of a future HOFer, or do you take the patch? What if the patch wasn't as "sick" as I made it sound to be? Would you still make the trade?

Just for the record, I did end up making the trade. I went against one of my own general rules and took the patch over the autograph. I mean, after all, I collect HOFers not future HOFers. ;)
Personally I'm not really into patches so I normally don't trade for them and wouldn't make the trade. My personal tastes aside trading an auto for a patch/gu/eu (whatever) is OK. They should generally be about the same value-wise. Of course ALL trades depend mostly on the folks involved and what THEY value the cards in question at.

Sounds like you might have gotten the better end of the deal a low #d (/25) patch of a HOFer vs a high #d (/300) auto of a "current" great player.
Considering you traded for your PC, I think you did the right thing. Personally I really like the sick patches so I would be willing to trade an auto for a PC patch.
If the patch is for my pc as your was then I would most definetly trade an auto for it,, but first I would do a little investigating in case my auto could fetch more of my pc from elsewhere or if the patch is low numbered then I'd jump all over it