Trading Card Acronyms


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Below is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms you're likely to run in to when dealing with trading cards online. If you know of any others that aren't listed, let me know and I'll get those listed too.

AU - Autograph
BV - Book/Becket Value
CMB - Check My Bucket
DLVD - Delivered
FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
GU - Game Used
HTG - Hard To Get
IP - In Person
JSY - Jersey
LCS - Local Card Shop/Store
LF - Looking For
LMK - Let Me Know
LTTF - Looking To Trade For
MSF - Must Send First
NFT - Not For Trade
NPN - No Purchase Necessary
PC - Personal Collection / Private Conversation
PM - Private Message
PP - PayPal
PWE - Plain White Envelope
RC - Rookie
SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SP - Short Print
SV - Sell/Sale Value
TTM - Through The Mail
TV - Trade Value
WTB - Want To Buy
WTS - Want To Sell
WTT - Want To Trade
WTTF - Want To Trade For
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