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Hey all! I was thinking on the way to work today about all of the wording we use that is so specific to this hobby, so thought I would put a post together that any member, new or veteran, can check to see what we are talking about! I know I wondered what certain things meant when I started (and still do sometimes!).

So here goes:

BV: Book Value -- the value of a card according to Beckett or a reliable card valuation source.
TV: Trade Value -- the value of a card in trade, i.e. if you value your card at $50, you would expect $50 worth of cards in return in a trade.
SV: Sale Value (more commonly "Price") -- the value of a card or item for sale (this term is used less than BV or TV).

GU: Game Used -- a card with a piece of bat, uniform, or equipment embedded.
AU: Autograph -- a card with a player's autograph either
On card (meaning the card itself is signed),
Sticker (meaning a small sticker is signed and affixed to the card), or
Cut (meaning a piece of paper is signed and embedded into the card).
Autographs can be obtained several ways:
Pack Pulled: Produced by a card company and sold via retail stores
IP: In Person: obtained at a show or venue by a
Grapher: an individual who pursues in person autographs
TTM: Through the Mail -- an item sent to a player to be signed
SASE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope -- sent with a TTM autograph request for the player to return your item

PWE: Plain White Envelope to mail a few cards vs.
BMWT: Bubble Mailer With Tracking to mail multiple items

Blaster: a box of packs of cards, also called a retail box, typically sold at a Walmart or Target type retailer.
Hobby Box: a box of cards containing more hits (higher value cards) sold by a manufacturer, generally to a
LCS: local card shop,
Hanger: a hanging pack of cards, often multiple packs worth of cards.

RC: Rookie Card -- First year card of a player, typically a higher value card for the better players
SP: Short Print -- Cards produced in smaller quantities, generally raising their value
Numbered (or #'d): Cards produced in a numbered quantity
ERR: Error Card -- typically a card released with an error
UER: Uncorrected Error Card -- generally higher value
Group Break: Video opening of a box of cards, collectors bid on spots by specific teams; you get the cards that get pulled from your team

WTTF: Want To Trade For
WTT: Want To Trade
FT: For Trade
WTB: Want To Buy
WTS: Want To Sell
FS: For Sale

O/C: Off Center
MT: Mint Condition
NMT: Near Mint Condition

Ok, what am I forgetting?? I know there are a ton of expressions and abbreviations specific to this hobby of ours, tell me and we can put it all together in here!


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There is a page here that shows some that, without reading it all, may or may not include some not listed here...


Thanks so much, I didn't even know that page existed!!