Trade feature stuffs


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Can the trade function be used to actually propose a trade/purchase? For example, if someone posts a card that I really like and I want to offer a trade or offer to buy it, can we set up a trade offer or does it have to be worked out through PM first and then added to the trade thingy after details are worked out? (Yeah, I said thingy. Big whoop. Wanna fight about it?)

If that's not an option, it should be. It'd be really cool to be able to just randomly propose a trade for an item we see and then people can reply with their response or a counter-offer.
Well, technically, I guess you could actually create a transaction with someone based on a proposed trade if you'd like because if they didn't want to accept the trade they could just decline it and the transaction would just disappear. We hadn't really talked about it actually being used that way, but it definitely could. This has definitely given me an idea, though, that I'll discuss with the rest of the team members and find out what they think. I'm also going to drop you a PM to see if it'd be along the lines of what you're requesting here.