Trade Complete Oneal to Raptors as long as he passes physical


Bench Warmer
Looks like it is all said and done. Oneal will be traded to the Raptors for TJ Ford and the 17th pick. Also another player would have to come to make the salaries work out. What do you guys think, good deal or not?
Not a good deal at all. Sounds like the Pacers got the shaft sending an all star up to the Raptors for little to nothing.
Ford is pretty good, and getting a 1st round pick can be sweet if you pick right. With all the injury time O'Neal has missed the past few years, I truly think that he's pretty much done, but we'll see I guess. It may work out great for both teams. TJ had to go, though.
Not too hard to see that the Raptors fleeced Indiana on that deal! :)

More trades like that and you will have a championship Hockeyfreak :D