Top 10 Power Backs of ALL TIME (NFL Network)


Bench Warmer
In case anyone missed the special on NFL Network last night, here is the list:

10- Mike Alstott
9- Christain Okoye
8- Bronko Nagurski
7- Marion Motley
6- Jerome Bettis
5- Jim Taylor
4- Larry Csonka
3- Earl Campbell
2- The Diesel!!! Big John Riggins
1- Jim Brown

I think Bettis is right about where he should be. Bettis was a unique, powerful, explosive runner. I think the attribute that he lacks that the others ranked above him have is the ability to actually carry multiple tacklers for extra yards. Don't get me wrong. Bettis was a load to tackle and doled out plenty of punishment. But tacklers typically bounced off him. He broke lots of tackles because of his explosiveness and size. But you could gang tackle Bettis. Those other guys posed a problem for multiple tacklers every time they ran the ball.

I think what a lot of people don't realize is that Riggo had the ability to rewrite the record books, but spent the first half of his career as a true fullback. George Allen acquired him to block for Mike Thomas. Just think if Riggo been a feature back his whole career ...

Brown was simply one of the great athletes -- not just football player -- of all time. I don't think anyone has ever had the combination of power and speed that Brown had. Maybe Bo Jackson. No one else, though. Opinions?


I watched it last night.... they did not give Billy Cannon the credit due him, he should have been at least mentioned in the Best of the Rest. He led the AFL in rushing its first two years. I think they do not mention him because he was a career AFLer and the NFL Network has limited film on him.