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Hey folks! Appreciate you stopping by! Enjoy!

As some of you may or may not know, I am somewhat of a Reggie Bush collector. :p Mainly just RCs and rare cards of his.
These days it's becoming more and more difficult to find his rare cards.

1) His initial hype was so crazy that people paid car and house prices for his cards THEN, and now they'd consider taking them to the grave them rather than sell them for a massive loss. Understandable but still.... :cry:
2) A lot of people consider him a bust and really don't think his cards are much of a "hit" anymore. Let alone being much of a market for him outside or USC uni's stuff/RCs. I strongly disagree. (IMHO) ;)

In my many trials of "internet dumpster diving", searching through many sites took me only so far. To name a few worthpoint, photobucket, google search would normally only lead to a dead end and honestly these sites would just let you know if a card was actually in circulation. :)
So i wanted to take the search a little further.... What better than youtube? :huh:
In my hunting i've noticed that many people are doing 06' breaks, now that the prices are reasonable and some high end cards are still in demand due to the hype back then.
2006 Exquisite Collection Reggie Bush/99 BGS 9/10 (Sidenote, stilling looking for that BGS 9.5/10 :p )

My initial search was for his 2006 RC year stuff but I didn't have any luck.
Now the card I found was nowhere near his Exquisite RC BUT, the odds of just randomly finding a video of someone hitting a Reggie Bush are pretty slim.
Well I ran across this video hitting a 1/1! ?

2014 Limited Star Factor Triple Material Black #SFRB Reggie Bush 1/1


Considering this break was 4 years ago, I had high hopes but much doubt that he'd still have it. Or even the person who hit card in the break none the less.
I was wrong, but for the better.
I did some more digging only to find it posted on instagram.

Longer story, shorter.... It arrived today!!! :cool:
A little soft corner, either way it will be slabbed. :D

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