Thinking of doing another base set...

I'm more of a collector who LOVES to build base sets (did the 88 topps football set and the 92/93 upper deck hockey base set) and was thinking of doing another football set. i was thinking about doing the 05 topps set because it is their 50th anniversary set, and thought it'd look pretty sweet. i was looking at because they're really the only ones who have boxes still in stock, but besides the regular topps boxes and the jumbo boxes, there is also a "1st edition" box. here is the description for the 1st edition box:

Each sealed box contains 20 packs of 10 card each in a 440 card set. Each card features a 1st edition foil stamp.

i had two questions : 1) does anyone have a scan of the 1st edition cards (is there any difference with the stamps?
2) is there any big difference between the 1st edition and the topps jumbo boxes?

Thanks for any replies!
Here you go....bought several packs of these last year. No inserts or anything besides straight up base first edition cards were in my packs (maybe 5-10 total?). Oh, yeah, glad I'm finally able to pimp out this kick ass Terrance Murphy card:dance:


lmk if you do that one, think i have a bunch around.

hey, thanks for the VERY generous offer, but yeah, i get my fix from ripping packs lol. thats why i generally try to choose really cheap boxes so i dont get the buyer's remorse afterwards :D.
i will be sure to get into contact with you if im missing a few cards haha :D