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Hey guys. So I've subscribed to several blogs about card collecting and that made me realize I wanted to make one too. It'll give me something to neglect from time to time. That said, I'm curious if you guys have blogs and, if so, I figured we could make a thread with links to all of them so we could get more exposure. So ... how about I start and if you have one to add, I'll continue editing the first post so people can find them easily.

XianSPL's blog
commishbob's '59 Topps blog
commishbob's 5 Tool Collector blog
Good idea

I have two, Both are linked in my sig below. But I'll do it here, too.

My '59 Topps blog is exactly that. I'm posting a 1959 Topps baseball card 3 to 4 times a week. I try to give a brief (sometimes very brief) bio of the player or at least mention highlights and I link to pages of interest. I also relate a bit about the card and anything personal about the card or player.

My 5 Tool Collector blog is not focused on any specific aspect of cards. It's more a general look at what I've collected over the years and new stuff I pick up. I try to cover a variety of my sports collectibles such as publications, pins, bobbleheads, new and vintage cards and Japanese cards. The focus, like my collection, is heavily weighted towards my teams, the Orioles, Baltimore Colts, NY Rangers and my college favorites.

I hope you'll take a peek at them. Leave a comment of something interests you.
I've got 2 Card Blogs (3 if you count the one attached to the TCC Forums ;))

My first one is CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog my general catch-all card blog. I have a couple of semi-regular features (when I get around to doing them) that I call Mascot Mondays and Washington Wednesdays. I think those two features are pretty self explanatory.

My other blog is a Washington Nationals/Senators Baseball in DC Specific blog Curly W Cards. I feature my SeNators cards and semi-recent Nats News.