team lots for collectors come in..


Bench Warmer
I will be listing all my base, inserts, etc in team lots. all players are in team uni. mostly 00-07 some lots are big some arent.I will list teams and amount of cards in the lot with prices dlvd.lmk if interested.thanks will be adding more teams throughout the day.thanks anything not sold will go to the bay.there arent any gu or autos of that team in the lot but lmk if you need any gu or autos of that team and Im sure we can work something out.thanks

prices are not set in stone just dont want to get killed with shipping so make offers.thanks

seahawks- 335 cards 15 dlvd
panthers- 406 cards 15 dlvd
cowboys- 322 cards 20 dlvd
titans/oilers- 734 cards 20 dlvd
rams- 760 cards 20 dlvd
cardinals 665- 15 dlvd
chiefs 730- 20 dlvd
broncos 845- 20 dlvd
49ers 352- 15 dlvd
colts 315- 15 dlvd