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Just post here if you are interested and which team you want.

Jerry!!Jerry!! - 49ers
Andy - Bengals
Barry Sanders = GOAT - Bengals (#2)
Too Distracted - Bills
AR1888 - Colts
pgwtamu - Cowboys
Welker83 - Dolphins
rb45070 - Dolphins #2
GiantFan- Giants
OnyxDragon - Rams
Joey - Saints (I assume )
Chris - Seahawks
A7X - Steelers
Commodore Country - Titans
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Can someone explain how this works? I'll take The GGGGGGGGG-Men!

if like the college group then...
every month you get matched up with 2 or so other people and send stuff of thier team out to them you dont need to send autos or jerseys but just remember that people do apprecite them too. :D
You are assigned a 'trading partner" (or partners) each month.

You send them cards of the specified team. Base/inserts/Rc/vintage/AU/GU/etc

We may or may not set a minimum amt or criteria. The college group works fine without one.