TCZ's Smiley List


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Some of you may not know it, and some probably don't care, but TCZ currently has a total of 119 smilies installed. If you would like to see a list of all the smilies we have, along with the text to use each one, check out the smilies help page.

I know it's not that important to some, but I know others like to use them anywhere they can. :LOL: <- see!
Yay! :):D:geek::p;):LOL:(y):woot::shy::joyful::hungry::greedy::dead:

For example!

All of the smilies are actually displayed on TCZ from only 2 separate images (to speed up loading times). They are posted below. The first one is the default set of images, and the 2nd one is a set that a contributor created.


I use smileys a little.. ok sometimes.. ok ok often.. ok ok! A lot.

And to demonstrate that, this post wont have any