TCZ Card Giveaway I


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
Want a chance to easily win some free trading cards? Here is that chance! With the first of our TCZ Card Giveaway series of contests we're going to make it simple. If you are reading this, you can win!

This contest will run until there are a total of 10 entries. At that time, there will be a random drawing to determine a single winner. Good luck everyone!

Here's how you enter.

  1. You must be a member of TCZ. If you aren't already, you can register free.
  2. Create a total of 5 new threads. They can be in any forum.
  3. Have a total of 15 posts. These can also be in any forum, and replies to your own threads count.
  4. Post in this thread once you have completed the other 3 requirements.

All winners of the TCZ Card Giveaway contests are guaranteed to receive at least a jersey card of one of today's hottest stars or a member of the Hall of Fame.


1. Cool_Hand_Flash
2. Ronaldinho0003
3. pwolantern
4. franklinguy52
5. waxgeeks
6. patchguy2011
7. nycsesneproductions
8. Icrackwax
9. captkirk42
10. redwing40
Let's get some more entries into this thing. In an attempt to move things along, the first person who refers someone else to join this contest will receive 2 ADDITIONAL entries for themselves. Just have that person mention in their post here that you referred them.