Suggestion for the new TCG Store donations



I know there is something to be said for beggars can't be choosers, but looking through the CP store, there is a lot of really low end stuff in there... and quite a bit of it that has been there forever. So here's a thought, and feel free to tell me I'm an idiot and should shut up if you don't agree...

Maybe donations to the new TCG store should need to be #'d, auto'd, GU or vintage. It's not that I don't appreciate base RCs and unnumbered inserts, but how many people are gonna see a Ben Obomanu Topps RC or a Derrick Mason Ultra Gold Medallion and think "oooh, I'd love to get my hands on that!"

The stuff in the store should be somewhat special, and that people truly want.

Also, can the new inventory system not list all the cards that have already been sold? It's kinda of a bummer to see something in there and go "oooh!" and then notice someone beat you to it.
Great ideas!~! I completely agree. Was just looking today and saw several low end cards of guys i collect and wasnt really tempted to pick it up, just because of what I could get for the same points.

Not saying this to pick on Brian as he does an excellent job with the CP store but as constructive criticism.
I just bought the Obomanu Topps Chrome RC because I was like, ooh, I wanna get my hands on that!:mad:

You bastard... I think you just bought several of the things Phil told me to tell him how many points I needed that he'd donate to me!!!
I always liked the selection in there. I don't think anyone is going to make a huge habit out of buying stuff from the store. It's something that you can check in on every once in a great while and maybe grab something. I would say it's not worth a major effort on the part of the mods/programmers to make sweeping improvements, but that's just me
I agree while I never bought anything that I can remember however I did send some stuff and I made sure it was worthwhile(#'d,decent player,RC,auto whatever) for someone to actually want.

Not saying that anyone sent worse or better , just saying. A lot of that stuff should just be donated to a hospital or the local P.A.L. Which reminds me , gotta post in another thread.:D