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A while back I had gotten a couple of Fairfield repacks in the form of 250 card cubes (Baseball) w/ two bonus two packs from Target. I opened one of them on Thursday night (12 December).

The bulk of the 250 cards were typical Here is the highlights:

A trio of 1981 Topps cards (I like that year from my youth and it can almost be considered vintage now eek):
72 Barry Evens Padres
91 Tim Stoddard Orioles
237 Charlie Moore Brewers

A few stars:
1992 Fleer: 471 Darryl Strawberry Dodgers
1984 Topps: 573 Dave Kingman Mets (I prefer when he was a Cub)
1991 Conlon Collection: 60 George Kelly NY Giants

Some Nats or Ex-Nationals:
1995 Donruss: 410 Pat Listash Brewers (Was Nats 3rd Base Coach in 2009)
1996 Donruss: 28 Pat Listash Brewers
2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic: 80 Rick Ankiel Cardinals
2006 Topps: National Baseball Card Day: T3 Ryan Zimmerman RC Nationals (I have like 3 or 4 of these at least)

And the two oldest Vintage cards in the box:
1976 Topps:
470 Bobby Murcer Giants
644 Tom Bradley Giants

Now the two bonus packs, which was one of the main reasons to get the box in the first place. I got it mostly for the second pack:

2011 Topps Chrome:
73 James Shields Rays
82 Franklin Gutierrez Mariners
186 Domonic Brown Phillies
C124 - 1962 Style Stephen Strasburg Nationals #d 303/1962

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces:
115 Roberto Clemente Pirates

Captured on Canvas (blue framed) CC-JR Jose Reyes Mets 4 color (yes 4 gray/orange/blue/red) #d 12/25

Sorry about the hair on the scan. I didn't think the scanner bed needed a shave.
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Very nice, ive never pulled nothing that good from cubes at target
Yeah normally I haven't pulled much from these things, but technically it was in the PACK that was in the cube not the cube itself. The Cube itself will never have much of anything exciting. They are good for building up 1990s set collections.