Stuff from the Show and Mail


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hit the show this weekend and got some cool sooner stuff


leroy selmon dual 2-color patch from last years gridiron gear/20
mark clayton chirography auto
& travis wilson
exquisite quad jersey with 2 2-color patches
topps chrome rookie auto
contenders auto
and gridiron gear timeline auto /35


more travis wilson
sweet spot auto and leaf limited plyer threads dual jersey
mark clayton fabric of the game jersey
and brandon jones heritage rookie auto

now for the mail
these are freebies that im pretty sure are from michealoufan

thanks a lot brother

bought two jerseys on ebay
non-auto(these are for wearing;))
mark clayton replica ravens jersey
and a tommie harris authentic bears jersey

and last but definitely not least is ccg stuff plus a trade with welker83

those stacks are huge, rookies, base and inserts of every oklahoma player imaginiable, plus the billy sims legendary legacy auto /393
and finally, my new favorite billy sims card

billy sims legendary legacy red ink inscriptions "Simbo" auto
only nine if these in existance according to beckett

thanks a lot to justin(welkerfan83) for the aweseom ccg and the trade and micheal or the sooners freebies


Bench Warmer
Boomer Sooner
absoluetly Boomer Sooner

nice Travis Wilson Set.
thank you sir

Billy Sims rocks!:salut:
agreed, i need to stop being lazy and scan the whole collection

Huge pickups! The Red Ink is sweet!
thank you, i really like these press pass legends, sweet on the card autos, and like i said thanks to welkerfan for being patient and working out the deal on it
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Glad you liked everything i sent. That sims is sweet.
absolutely, i wasnt expecting the regular version of the auto with it, when i saw there were two top-loaders together i thought you had stuck the sims between them and not in one:doh:
i was very pleasantly surprised when i realized it was both(in their own top-loaders lol)