Stephen A. Smith needs to shut up!


Bench Warmer
Just saw him on Sportscenter and he pretty much said that there is no way that by luck Portland and Seattle got the top two pics and that the whole thing is rigged. Then he went on to say that this ruins their marketing careers and in the future the lottery needs to be rigged so the top picks should go to east coast teams:rolleyes:
Link? He really is an idiot, he'll get blasted for that next week. Considering the Worst team has won the lottery only 4 times he really proves once again what a moron he is.
True on both sides. The lottery was fixed and Stephen Smith does need to shut up.
Their shouldn't be a lottery, it should be like the NFL, worst team gets the first pick

No they need to go the other way and equal chance for all lottery teams. The tanking by Boston, they got what they deserved. Anything that makes teams stay competitive is a good thing.

And maybe Steve Smith should visit the Pacific Time Zone a bit from the sounds of it.
I don't get it??? Wouldn't the NBA want these big time players to go to the big market teams? Why would they fix it so they go to Portland and Seattle? Makes no sense and Stephen A is a jackass.
The clip I saw, Stephen A said the lottery SHOULD be fixed so the 2 best players dont end up in Portland and Seattle. The NBA as a whole would be better off with those two players in say, Boston and hicago for example.

So I think you got the scenario confused. But anything having to do with Stephen A shutting up is good with me :)
Stephen A. is the only intelligent anlist of the bunch.

Forgot Barkley, he makes all sorts of sense.