Start of new PC and freebie mail


Bench Warmer
First off I would love to thank Kelly and Bama for sending me some awesome freebies, Kelly sent me my first Baseball card :D was hoping that it would be my first mailday in the dugout but w/e. Thank you Kelly. Also Bama sent me a sweet baskett thank you too! :salut: (sorry about the long wait, was away for awhile). The Abiamiri's are a start of my newest player collection (A ND player drafted by the Eagles, how awesome
) The other stuff is finishing off my Eagles Sp Authentic set (4 more left).

Abiamiri Prestige

Base rc


Auto /150

SP Authentic

Na Brown /1999

Corey Simon /1250

Jeremy Bloom /750

Kellys Freebies

Steve Carlton Pin Stripe GU Pants

Mike Patterson Rc

Bama's Freebies

Hank Baskett RC auto /500
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