Something 4 All Huge updated tradelist tons added


Bench Warmer
I have over 3,500 cards listed and just looking to get some deals done.. I am not looking for any big ticket items just players i like and also trying to pick up trade bait for others ... I am looking for any and everything if i have something you want please send me your trade list Im sure i can find something to get a deal done.. I dont mind trading gameused and autos for inserts as long as i need them.. Thanks for your time and may we build our feedback together... TRADE LINK AT BOTTOM!

This is just a small list of things i can use so dont be afraid to send me a list

Tom brady base and inserts
Peyton Manning Base and inserts
Brett Favre Base and Inserts
Walter peyton Inserts and Base
Joe Montana Inserts within the last few years
Dan MArino Inserts within the last few years
Bart Starr Inserts
Joe Namath Inserts
Terry Bradshaw Inserts
Bob Griese low #ed inserts
Roger Stauhbach Inserts within the last few years
Johnny Unitas Inserts within the last few years
John Elway low #ed inserts
Ladainian Tomlinson Inserts
Barry Sanders Inserts within the last few years
Tony Dorsett Iserts within the last few years
Jim Brown Iserts within the last few years
Emmitt Smith cowboys low #ed inserts
Jerry Rice low #ed 49ers inserts
Randy Moss Low #ed inserts
Michael Jordan Inserts and some base
Kobe Bryant Inserts and some base
Kevin Garnett rookies
Lebron James inserts and rookies
Paul pierce rookies
Tim Duncan Rookies
Larry Bird Inserts
Shaq roookies
Allen Iverson Rookies
Derek Jeter Base and Inserts
Alex Rodriguez yankees
Cal Ripken Jr inserts
Nolan Ryan some inserts
Mickey Mantle just about anything
Babe Ruth Inserts
Ken Griffey Jr rookies
Chipper Jones base and inserts
Albert Pujols inserts
Will look at all hall of famer inserts gameused autos in all three sports
Run any thing you think i might like by me also you never know