Sold this card awhile back ungraded, now it's a BGS 9.5



I sold this 2003 SPA Rex Grossman gold patch last October when his cards were at their highest. It brought in $434, obviously I was happy with the final price.

Today I came across this same card on Ebay, only now it has been slabbed with a BGS 9.5.

I do remember the card being in very good condition when I sold it.
Ironically, even with the 9.5 grade, I doubt it will bring in $434 that I sold it for.

Has anyone else had a similar situation happen to them, where they sold an ungraded card, only later find it slabbed with a BGS 9.5 or PSA 10?
I sold an LT SPA midseason last year got like 500 out of it. I was pretty happy because I had like 350 in it. I knew it was in good condition, but I seen it up on the bay a few months later with a 9. Not that high, but it got like 800.:(