Sick Pack Wars at Tristar and oher Pickups



Incredibly lucky playing war this weekend.
First victory, pulled a jordan auto from exquisite and won the other two boxes which had a nice bird and rodman auto. Sold everything.

Won the jamarcus ruseell auto /25 from absolute

then saturday night was crazy.

i think i won 8 out of 10 times although not everything contained gold.
won 1/2 box of ultimate football 2006 and 1/2 box of ultimate baseball - nothing good in those

then we started escalating.

did war with premiere and won his jeter auto. my box had the nice jersey numbered griffey 3/5 and the pujols auto.

Then we went to sterling. We played three times, i own twice. on the last one, the loser had to buy an extra box for the winner. I had a schmidt 1/1 auto, a henderson auto, and the mantle box where i pulled the 1/10 prime patch! sorry the scan is crappy. it took too long to get it into the sleeve so i didnt take it out. he did win two cuts, but they were baseballs and not too good.

We did three round of threads and i won two of three again including the all decisive final round and he had to buy me an extra box. Also pulled a mantle "golf shirt" card /36 and a roberto clemente triple relic to /9, pulled a white whale of zimmerman and a press plate. sold all those.


then we went to threads


pulled the "1 of 1" a-rod auto from bowman chrome
bought the lendale from lisa
then bought a gold bowman sterling joba chamberlain auto and a red melky cabrera bowman rookie /5 - flipped those and a bush contenders rc into the jordan/magic/erving auto, the second jordan auto and cash!

overall a fun weekend! i did lose a 6 way round of war with the cup. the guy pulled a stahl rookie - gold.


:thumbdown: next time don't even bother with making a thread unless you have something good to show off :ban:

Absolutely ridiculous patch on that Mantle, not to even mention everything else.