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Poopy Pants

Bench Warmer
Didnt find much of anything since most everything else was over priced.

I did find some sick Absolute jumbo patches. A 3 color Dwayne Jarrett, 4 color Marshawn Lynch, and a 2 color nameplate of Jamarcus Russell. The Russell had the bottom half of the R and U in the swatch. I was afraid to ask prices on those since the guy quoted a kid $1 each on some base cards, and I bought from him before, and recall the prices being rather high.

I found some Calhoun Exquisite quad jerseys /75, but they were priced at 20 each. I just picked up one numbered to /35 for 6 shipped, so I passed on them.

Anyways, I picked this up for $6, numbered to 25.