Set collectors sub forum.


Bench Warmer
I was about to start posting threads for various sets but didnt want to hog/clutter the min Baseball trading forum. :p

Think we should open a sub forum for just set collector want/trade threads?
Many Thanks. Im sure alot of ppl will appreciate it.

One more request.... I see you have a "Paste from Microsoft Word" option when replying or making threads...

My request is... Is it possible to have a similar option for Microsoft Excel? Most of set's are in excel and haves/have nots are in different colors. :(
When I paste over the regular way, formatting(color) is lost...
or is there an option to let members choose between the bbcode or wysiwyg editors?

When you're replying you should be able to click the button in the upper left corner of the editor to choose between "source mode" and "wysiwyg mode".
Many Thanks... I saw it before thought it was disabled because nothing happened when I clicked on it..
Yeah, I got it to switch....

But even when posting via that method the formatting/coloring still does not carry over.... :(
Oh well... Will just have to do it by hand. ;)