Sentimental project for Grandpa after quintuple bypass Please Read


Bench Warmer
So here's the story:
My Grandpa Jack was drafted into the Army during World War 2. During his time he was mostly stationed in Chicago, where he could get into as many Cubs games as he wanted to if he wore his Army uniform. He has always been a Cubbie supporter so he fully took advantage of that oppurtunity.
Recently, Grandpa Jack had a quintuple bypass surgery, during which he had a heart attack on the table. He is a little better now, but still is not his normal self quite yet. The one thing that always cheers him up is watching a Cubs game with his family (including me!).
This Christmas I really want to surprise him. I want to give him a book containing TTM autos of as many living Cubs as I can, mainly vintage if I can. His favorite players of all time were Phil Caveretta and Andy Pafko so I really really want to get those. If you can help me by trading me for actual or custom cards (for ttms) of some of the following players it would be greatly appreciated. If this goes well I think it could be the best present of his life and provide him happiness during a trying time.
I really appreciate your support!

Here are some card ideas (bold=I NEED THEM!!!!). But if you have ANY Cubs cards that would suffice for ttms, Please let me know:
Don Kessinger
Jim Hickman
Phil Cavarretta
Stan Hack
Glen Hobbie
Randy "Ransom" Jackson
Jim Marshall
Irv Noren
Bobby Thompson
Alvin Dark
Bill Henry
Cliff Chambers
Andy Pafko
Roy Smalley Sr.
Bob Rush
Cal McClish
Wayne Terwillinger
Bob Borkowski
Preston Ward
Gene Hermanski
Jim Bolger
Glenn Beckert
Ron Santo
Milt Pappas
No Pafko..........but i do have this
is that made out to john? I might not want to trade for it if its made out to someone else but if you would be willing to donate it to the cause I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks so much for responding!