Sending these cards to PSA


Collector Planet Original
Transactions: 2
$5 a pop for the monthly special

Other People's Cards
1966 Philadelphia bart Starr (Ernie)
1973 Topps Terry Bradshaw (Joey)

My Cards
(all Topps)
2 X 1971 John Mackey
2 X 1971 Preston Pearson RC
1971 Otis Taylor
1971 Carl yastrzemski
1972 Julius Adams
1967 Willie Mays
1970 Bob Griese
1975 Ken Anderson
1972 Jim Butler
1972 Pete Athias
1967 Ferguson Jenkins
1970 hank Aaron/mcCovey/L. may LL
1965 Hank Fischer
1964 Willie Mays
1985 Warren Moon RC
2 X 1973 Ken Andserson RC

Wish us luck :cheers:
good luck - I'll probably send some in on Friday - I have the two for Jerry!Jerry! that I missed last time, and I have a bunch of others that I wanted to get graded.
thanks Andy i'll paypal some more money to you soon or put up a low i mean low offer on a chambers etopps and i'll trade it to you