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Rest in peace to one of the toughest players to ever play the game, Deacon Jones.


Deacon was inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980. During his career he truly reinvented the position of defensive end, by becoming the greatest pass rusher of his time. He ended his career with 179 sacks in only 190 games played!
I saw a clip this morning on ESPN where he said his hands probably gave more concussions than any hands in football. :LOL: They definitely don't make football players like this anymore. Then again, football isn't the same game as it was back then, either. It seems a lot like "2 below" these days.
One of the first things I saw today when I logged onto the internet. It saddened me greatly.

I have one of these:
1970 Topps Super Football 7 Deacon Jones Rams

And this one:
2007 Donruss Classics Classic Singles 71 Deacon Jones Rams #d 0287/1000

I'm sure I've got other cards of his (I probably have that '71 Topps) but these seem to be the only ones I currently have scanned and online.

And this book.

Some of the sayings in the book I think are just generic age-old sayings that were previously uncredited.
I guess since everyone else is posting their Deacon Jones cards, I will too. Since I only have 1, it won't be too difficult.