Seahawks freebies from BAMA!


Bench Warmer
Got a nice bunch of freebies from our newly shorn (still want pics, dude....) Alabama Fan!!!!

Way too many to scan, but here's the highlights:


Ken Lucas 01 Contenders auto


Taco Wallace 03 SPX RC 14/50 (I never even knew he had any cards!!!)

And more for the vintage/Steve Largent:


Steve Largent 80 Topps insert AFC*All Pro (yet more for the Largent (as a player) collection!!!:cheers:

Got a whole bunch more, here's a few:


Had a ton more, Thanks so much Bama!!!!

Thanks for lookin!
Glad you enjoy, but wish I waited to send out.....pulled a Josh Brown card from Score the other day:doh: If you want it, I'll PWE to you.
very sweet stuff there

i don't think i could go through life with the name Taco and not be hungry all the time