scottyb13's Mail day


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Well today I got a sick hit in the mail today. A nice PC card for sure. It is a 2013 Bowman Platinum 3 Color Patch Auto of Matt Davidson. #'d 10/50. I will be posting more cards I get in the mail because I will be getting some in the next few days.
well I had a 3 card mail day today. 1 was a massive PC add and the other 2 were cards I bought from @franklinguy52 . The PC card is a Didi Gregorius red auto from 2013 Bowman Inception #'d 01/10. Which his number is 1 so that is awesome! The other two were an AJ Green Dual Jersey Auto from 2011 Certified and 2012 Bowman Platinum Ryan Zimmerman Auto Relic.


Well I had a 1 card mail day today and it is a sweet card I bought off of eBay. It is a 2009 Topps ticket to stardom auto relic of Clayton Kershaw.
So today i had a 2 card mail day. One I acquired in a trade with @Mike and the other I bought. At first i was hesitant to trade away the AJ Green card but I am glad I did because trading it for the card I got made both of us happy. The card i got in the trade was 2013 Inception Christine Michael Auto nickname RC #'d 04/10! The one I bought was a 2012 Panini Black auto of Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch!) #'d 39/49! Glad to add these to my Seahawks PC!

So today I got my package in the mail from @pwolantern and this is what I got. A Matt Dean auto #'d to 899, Jamaine Cotton #'d to 50, and a Ken Griffey Jr. Tribute Orange refractor, #'d to 50


I had a mail day where it was a hot pack of 2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball. I got a Bert Blyleven Auto #'d 429/591!
Cool Blyleven auto. Are those Cooperstown autos on-card? I love the simple design. I've been meaning to look for the base set of that (if it isn't too large a set)
so today I got a 3 card mail day. 1 is a Justin Upton redemption from 2013 Tier One #'d to 25. The next one is 2012 Gypsy Queen Trevor Cahill Auto, and the final on is 2010 Bowman Platinum Nate Tenbrink