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Bench Warmer
The Bench is collecting the 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy Set and SCFreaks wants to help

Some of you are familiar with the trading site called the Bench. They are collection the Holy Grail of collections: the 6500 base card 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy set. They will then auction the set on eBay and donate the proceeds to the "The V Foundation" (for cancer research).

Information about the benefitting charity:

V Foundation for Cancer Research

How can I help? I am glad you asked! As they collect this one of a kind set, SCFreaks is going to gather them all up & make one huge donation to the Bench's cause. We ask that any members who are willing to help donate any cards they pull to this great cause. (We will be unable to buy single cards form members.) The cards will be seeded 1 in every 4 packs of Upper Deck cards across all 10 UD Baseball releases this year:

UD Series I
UD First Edition
Piece of History
UD Series II
Legendary Cuts (HTA only:()
SP Authentic
UD Masterpieces

Even if you personally do not open any UD product this year, you can still help. As we all make trades with each other and across the internet, if you have a deal where your trade partner needs a little more in trade to make the deal even but they have nothing else of your wants, pick up one or two of these cards for the cause! (the common cards BV is $3, while the highest are the $8 a piece Ruth's) The needs list is here, but any cards are welcome:D.


I will be taking any cards that you are donating & will send them in bulk to their "card keeper". I also can find some example of these cards for those who haven't seen them yet.:D We want to help cure cancer, so this is our chance as sport card collectors!

Thank you to:
Cards Sent:
tigsfan - 13 cards
heath23 - 8 cards
Bryan_Mc - 7 cards
BHELSER1981 - 2 cards
35MorrisonFan - 2 cards
CardCraze - 1 card
Cards not yet sent:
Cool! I'll raise some money and try to buy a couple boxes and i'll donate to your want list! :) Hope you achieve your goal! When do you think you will get all of them? -brett!
southhawks23 said:
Cool! I'll raise some money and try to buy a couple boxes and i'll donate to your want list! :) Hope you achieve your goal! When do you think you will get all of them? -brett!
In a matter of speaking, it's not "my want list", but theres. It really depends on those who donate to the cause, so I would think a realistic goal for them is the end of the year or sooner.;) Just PM me when you have them ready to mail.:D
Okay will do...I don't have enough money now but i'll tell my dad to go out and buy a couple blaster boxes for me:) thanks, brett!
Thanks for helping support and promote this very special project going on over at "The Bench". Your efforts and donations are greatly appreciated!
The Bench has over 60 YSL dupes that they will trade for YSL cards needed. Someone may be collecting the whole set or a specific player etc. No trade is too small! They will trade straight up card for card.

Tim Danielson is the official contact for the project. Please contact him with any inquiries.
[email protected]

Here's an example of what the cards in the set look like:

As motivation to those envious people out there, I'll be donating these cards to the cause after my box break today:

#264 Urban Shocker
#700 Red Ruffing
#725 Babe Ruth
I'm now using the first post to keep track of those who donate something. Who knows, maybe a little surprise will be given away at the end.;)