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SCC/Bench Joint Baseball Group Break Club - February 2021


TP9 | VC15
Sorry about the delay here, folks. Work has been hectic since our last, what appeared to be, ice age type of weather. We were definitely not prepared for that kind of thing around here. Anyways, I'm going to take the evening to spend with the wife and kiddos, and get back into things here tomorrow, at the latest.

It looks like most of the payments have been made. I'll get those updated, as well as getting box selections posted. So, look for those at least by tomorrow. We'll need to get those voted on, and ordered, quickly. We're already probably going to be into next month before we break actually get to break, but I'm thinking if we move quickly over the next week we'll be able to keep things on track next month.


TP9 | VC15
So considering the weather, has this changed into a hockey break?
Seriously, last week there were like 3-4 days straight where my street could've hosted a hockey game. That may be normal to some folks, but it certainly isn't for us Texans! I have a few friends who are plumbers and they're still working sun up to sun down trying to repair busted water lines. I also have a friend who still doesn't have water because they can't get a plumber out to fix their water breaks until late next week. I'm telling you...we were all missing tornadoes last week! Those we can deal with! Someone else can have all that snow, ice, and especially sub-zero temperatures!

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You need to move to a warmer state, like Montana, the Dakotas, or even Alaska. I didn't think Texas' infrastructure was built for winter. Tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves and floods for sure, but not snow.


TP9 | VC15
I didn't think Texas' infrastructure was built for winter. Tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves and floods for sure, but not snow.
It's not only the infrastructure. The people aren't built for this either. Neither were our clothes. There were so many folks around here who didn't have long johns, sweaters, heavy jackets, etc. Luckily for me, I'm a hunter, so I had all those things from the early morning hunts. Don't even get me started on how little we know about driving on this stuff. Seems like every time you turn down a new street there is either a car in the curb, or tracks from where a car was in the curb and got pulled out. It's pretty crazy. I love winter, and all that comes with it. I don't even mind the cold, personally, but those northern states can have all that ice and snow!


TP9 | VC15
Here are this month's box options. Reminder that this is the last month doing 2019, so next month we're starting with 2020/2021 products. Looking to get these boxes ordered by Monday morning, at the latest, so let's get these votes in asap.

Option 1 (10 vote)

2019 Bowman Chrome (2 autos)
2020 Panini Chronicles (3 autos, 1 relic)
2020 Panini Contenders (6 autos)

Option 2 (2 votes)

2019 Topps Update (1 hit)
2019 Topps Heritage (1 hit)
2020 Topps Chrome Black (1 auto)
2020 Panini Contenders (6 autos)
2020 Panini Absolute 5-pack Blaster (1 hit)

Option 3 (3 votes)

2019 Bowman Platinum (2 autos)
2019 Topps Gypsy Queen (2 autos)
2020 Stadium Club Chrome (1 auto)
2020 Topps Gallery Monster Box (2 autos)
2020 Topps Chrome 8-pack Blaster
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