saying hello!


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just saying hello. been collecting for years. stopped when i joined the army now im out and want to start back up collecting. hope to make some great deals and meet new people.
Welcome to the site, Brad (I assume your name is Brad). Good to see you back into collecting, and glad you decided to stop in here. What kind of cards do you collect?

Also, thanks for your service to this country. It is greatly appreciated!
thank you mike. i collect only football. beside the one base ball card i have of allie reynold(wifes great great uncle) im a huge cincinnati bengal fan.
Pretty cool being family with someone on a card. I'll take a look through my box of base/inserts and see if I have any Bengals to send you, but I really don't think I do. I will keep my eyes peeled, though, and let you know if I come across anything.
Welcome to TCZ Brad. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or any of the other team members.
Saying hello! ? Well hello right back :LOL:

Bungles eh? :flapper: What an awesome team they're putting together! Great draft last year and a great draft this year. I'm thinking you'll love being a Bengal fan for years to come ;)