Ryan Getzlaf Pick-Ups!!!



Well, i never posted these yet, picked them up a lil while back (a few weeks ago). I got all 4 of them for a great price (Just as Getzlaf and the Ducks entered the West Final, against Detroit),a really great price considering Ryan Getzlaf Just WON the STANLEY CUP last night!:cheers::cheers::cheers:

2, Two colored SPX Jsy/Autoed Rookie cards (4 colors in total:dance:)
Bought these as a pair, for 55 ish....

These were pretty big P/Us for the Getzlaf PC. Both are quite "Rare". The SPGUed Autodraft (on the left) is #ed to 19 (his draft position). Also got his SPGUed GOLD RC, numbered to 25:cheers:
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Very nice pick ups!! He's emerging into a fine player and sure has the talent surrounding him to allow him to grow at the proper pace. Hope he turns into a star for you.
sweet i agree i liked him and should have picked some up . I just hope i can still get my Shane O'Brien stuff cheap . Since he's in a Ducks Uni people will think he's still there even though hes in Tampa now .