My PC Reggie Bush PC - 2006 Leaf Certified Materials RC Mini Set


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Hey folks! I appreciate you stopping by. :)

I have been collecting Reggie Bush for a long time now & have came across these rare RCs.

2006 Leaf Certified Materials #210 Reggie Bush JSY/5


They all are stamped "Donruss Playoff Special Edition" on the front. They also look exactly like the jersey RCs that are to /550.



These are #'d to 5 (pictured) and have been told over the years that they were a rare release back in 2006 from the Hawaii Mainland Convention card show. I'm curious if anyone has any more information on these cards and if anyone has also seen them of any other player in the 2006 class? I have spent years looking and finally have found 4 of the 5 and just trying to track down that last one to complete the set!

All help & info is appreciated! Thanks all! :)
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