Football Question on a blaster box at walmart


I'm Bored
I seen this box I think it was called Gem Collection or something like that. $24.99 gets you I believe 20 packs from 2000 to 2008 with the chance of pulling a gem pack like Bradys SP pack, or a pack of ultimate collection , or other high end packs. Anybody bought any and if so whwere the packs any good. I dont expect to get a high end pack.
I saw those, wondered myself.... more than likely that you'll find a bunch of less than stellar packs and none of the pretty shiny stuff on the box cover... but if you buy one, post what you got!
I bought one, the packs were average at best, nothing stellar. I didn't get any great pulls, but of the 20 packs I would say at least 5 were garbage and several were "handled" enough to know they were at the least searched packs. Most were topps, sage, press pass and score, none were high dollar packs. The highlight of the twenty packs was a topps Reggie Bush rookie, other than that nothing of any significant value. I didn't think it was even close to being worth the $28 I paid ($27.99 I think plus tax).

I have found that my best buys have been at card shows with guys blowing out older products for unbelievably low prices. Or simply buying the cards I want on Ebay for a fraction of the "Beckett" price.
exactly, i bought a blaster box of Topps Rookie Progression just to see what the product was like and my "big hit" was a Darren McFadden base rookie.