Prize Random Complete! We Have Reached Our Goal!!! SCC YouTube Channel Quest For 200 Subscribers Contest

Hi everybody!

We are getting very close to 200 subscribers on our SCC YouTube channel. I think we are at 168 or so. So I thought it would be fun to run a contest that might help us get to that 200 subscriber mark.

Here is how this contest will work.

Step 1. Subscribe to our SCC YouTube here:

Step 2. After you have subscribed just post in this thread that you have done so.

That's it...and you will be entered into this contest!

If you have previously subscribed to our channel THANK YOU!!! You will also be allowed to enter this contest by following Step 2 and posting in this thread. But if you would like to share our channel with somebody else that might be interested in subscribing that would be really great and much appreciated!

If/when we reach that 200 subscriber mark I will take all of the members names who have posted here in this thread and randomize them to determine the winners of the contest. We'll pick 3 winners and you will have your choice of either a FREE SPOT in a future group box break, or I can send a prize pack containing cards from your favorite teams/players/sets/etc. your choice!

Hopefully this will be a fun little contest. Please let me know if anybody has any questions.

Whoa!!! We are at 187 subscribers thank you to everybody who has subscribed!

We are only 13 away from our goal!

How about a little added bonus/incentive?!?

We have some leftover unpicked teams in the transaction/trading contest free breaks that are coming up. I’m willing to offer free teams for additional subscribers that you recommend and that subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Just let me know here that you have referred/recommended another person that will help us hit our goal and get from our current 187 to 200 subscribers! :)