Pretty Spectacular Mail including #1/1 NT **Holmes**


Bench Warmer
First, at one point I had 12 of these Leaf Limited Hardwear cards, I was trying to get all #/25. I did give up on it, but I had all parts of the logo exept that which contained any letters from the logo. I have part of the 8 and 6 from the helmet, red/yellow/blue diamond, outer parts of the logo, and now......................



I have given up on all #/25, and even let some go via the bay, but this kind of completes a little bit of my own personal "mini set" of Hines Ward Hardwear!


to add to my Holmes #1/1 National Treasures..........



Thanks for looking...........
Yeah, I know the guy, he is selling most of his Holmes stuff right now, but Im not interested in plates, but thanks for looking out....
Your Holmes collection is definately one of the best rookie collections out there, great job snaring a beautiful card:salut:

The Ward is sweet too:cool:
ILL agree that you have assembled one of the best rc collections, of logos, patches, 1/1s etc. that ive ever seen. have you got the spx 1/1 yet?
Great pickup on the 1/1 patch!! That's a great looking card!! I'm still waiting for the Hester like that to come around.