potential freebies


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if you collect crap rookies/base out of
2006 Topps Baseball
2006 Artifacts baseball
2007 Score Select Football

most of the base base got thrown out, but i do still have some other things floating around...also i might be able to get a list together of the donruss elite xxx/599 cards i pulled, i know i got a quinn xx/50, dont think i have a set, but i might have a few to give out as well, or you can do open donations to help in shipping if you want nice shipping,as standard free shipping is PWE...post or pm me what you would be interested in and i can check and see what i have or eventually get a list made or something...
Did you happen to pull any Tigers or Diamondbacks in the Topps and Artifacts baseball? Any John Beck or Zach Miller in the Score Select? Thanks..