Bench Warmer
Although I never used any of my points on the other site, I was planning to check out the card "library"/store to see if there were any SP Auth Rc's I needed shortly. Are we likely to get the store up and running here guys? Just curious, and no rush for an answer however as I am sure there is lots to do:eek:
I lost my 150 points. Guess I'll instead have to bribe Zeeck for the Jason Johnson Ultimate that I could use for my U of A football page.

:( :(
When Ever gets CP back on for those 'moving' here, just make sure to give us your totals... we will honor game points somehow.
The store will return...........at some point. Until then all the cards will be safe in Zeeck's Ebay store.:p :p

It's on the "roadmap".
If CP never comes back up (and I'd guess there's a good chance of that happening, especially if Ever finds out we've all moved on), I'd recommend that we just start over with the points. Maybe give the people who were members there 1000 points or something, and just start everyone from there.

Newbies of course would start at zero :D
Woo Hoo we have points now ! Although some people have a grip and some have none and then they are others with a lot but not many posts. Oh well it's all good i'll just build some up for some preseason wagers :D