Baseball Playoffs

It's never too early to talk about the playoffs. I predict the Tigers beating the Nationals in the World Series in 6 games.
I'd like to be able to say the Rangers will take on the Nationals, but I don't think the Rangers can get by the Tigers in a playoff series. So, like Ken, I'm going to have to go with the Tigers and Nationals. I don't see the Tigers winning it all, though.

If you asked before the season started, I would have said the Angels would have won it, over the Nationals.
I have to stick with my Reds finally breaking through and getting on a roll in the playoffs, and I would have to agree with the Tigers out of the AL with the Reds becoming the new "Big Red Machine" by brining another title to Cincinnati.
I'll try to break this down. The NL is a little more complicated so I'll do the AL tonight.
Rangers win the West.
Tigers win the Central with the best record in the AL.
Baltimore sneaks past the Yankees to win the East and the Yanks wind up with the first Wild Card spot.
It seems everyone is discounting the Angels, but I think they'll sneak in at the final hour to steal the last Wild Card spot.

Wild Card Game- The Angels have pitching problems, but I think they'll make some moves at the deadline to help offset this. Their bats should be alive by the time the playoffs roll around. The Yankees won't do too much at the deadline with Jeter and Teixeira returning to help the offense and take some of the pressure off the pitching staff. With that said, I think Hamilton and Pujols light up Sabathia giving the Angels the nod over the Yanks.

ALDS(5 games series)- Tigers over the Angels in 4
The Angels bats will get them to the playoffs, but the Tigers are a complete team with solid pitching and defense as well as a strong lineup.

ALDS(5 games series)- Orioles over the Rangers in 5
The Orioles are a good young team that have made steady progress the past few years. On the other hand, the Rangers were at the top and are now in decline. Without Josh Hamilton and CJ Wilson, the ALDS is the end of the line for the Rangers.

ALCS(7 game series)- Tigers over the Orioles in 4
The Orioles have a lot of good young talent, but they lack experience compared to the Tigers. The Tigers will dominate this series and have an extended vacation waiting for the NLCS to wrap up.

Tomorrow night....NL and World Series predictions.