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Listing cards from the year 2022 here that people might need. Very simple. If you need a card or cards from this list all you have to do is trade for them by giving the same number of cards from the year 2022. ONLY REQUIREMENT FOR CARDS IS THAT THEY ARE BASEBALL AND ARE FROM THE YEAR 2022! Any incoming 2022 trade cards will also land right here on this list. So keep an eye on this thread to see if you need anything. And let me know if anybody has any questions. PWE shipping is fine for these trades! NO TRADE TOO SMALL!!!

2022 Topps

Mookie Betts 1987 35th Anniversary Card T87-4
Cody Bellinger 1987 35th Anniversary Card T87-14
Josh Donaldson 1987 35th Anniversary Card T87-78
Gerrit Cole Stars of MLB Card SMLB-26

2022 Topps Heritage
Joey Wendle Card 198 (from Steelers8873)
Miguel Rojas Card 224 (from Steelers8873)
Jesus Sanchez Card 275 (from Steelers8873)

2022 Topps Inception

Trea Turner Card 7
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Hey Mike, I could use this one:

Bryce Harper 1987 35th Anniversary Card T87-41

I will be sending 3 2022 Topps Heritage back, including one SP