Peyton Hillis contemplated retirement and joining the CIA?


Bench Warmer
We’ve had a lot of chatter about Peyton Hillis‘ future with the Browns over the last few days, but none of it has dealt with the Central Intelligence Agency.

That ends right now. As part of a report that supports the idea that the Browns won’t use the franchise tag on the running back, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Hillis was considering putting his NFL career to rest near the end of last season. Per Schefter, Hillis shared thoughts about retirement with Browns coaches last year. Frustration in his previous stops as well as the team’s unwillingness to give him a long-term deal contributed to those thoughts, although Schefter’s soucrce tells him that Hillis is no longer considering retirement.

What would Hillis do if he decided to hang up the shoulder pads? According to the report, he was thinking about joining the CIA. As you’d expect, there’s no comment from the CIA about their own desire to employ Hillis.

You have to wonder what kind of impact that this report will have on Hillis’ ability to get the contract he desires as a free agent. His indecision about simply playing football coupled with the way he’s been shuffling through agents and the run-ins with teammates last season doesn’t paint a picture of a guy that many teams would want to hook themselves up with for a lot of money over the long term.

Yea. Um. Yea.
Hmmmm tsk tsk tsk mr Hillis. I need a jawdrop smiley to show my feelings :LOL: This is rather silly imo. Especially when you think about his chances to get actual money from a team now. Why would they risk anything if his mind is on joining the CIA? If when he plays he's imagining chasing a bad guy through the streets instead of running the ball (see what I did there, tried a funny approach :LOL: )